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    You may have encountered us previously as Trade Lanyards - the UK's Number 1 Lanyard Supplier or Trade Twisters -  USB and Tech Gadgets provider.

    Your Gateway has incorporated the brands Trade Lanyards and Trade Twisters.  - It was time to find a name to truly reflect what we do and who we are.  


    Whilst lanyards and USBS will always be one of the core competencies - we do so much more for our clients, acting as a ‘gateway’ from your briefs to pricing on most things required from China or Europe.

     Working as your sourcing arm, ensuring compliance is paramount, pricing is great, and delivery is on time.  We can even be very creative if you have the requirement.


    So, if you’ve only tried us for lanyards to date please send us briefs on all your other requirements and try us out.    


    Apart from an extended range of products within our portfolio you can check out  more about the services we offer at